Deadly Secrets

By: Black_TurboRanger


It's been four months since Rocky and the others had their first Encounter with Ashley, Billy's sister. They've pretty much been able to figure out what Ashley is thinking, feeling or trying to tell them. However one mystery still remains. What are her dark secrets? Why did Billy call her a freak? Little do they know that they're about to find out. Well one of her secrets anyway...

Part 1

It was Saturday morning and Ashley was just finishing up breakfast when there was a knock at the door. She walked to the door and opened it to see Kat and Tanya standing there.

"Hey Ash," Kat said.

"Hi Ashley," Tanya greeted.

"Tanya and I are going shopping. You want to come?" Kat offered.

Ashley excitedly nodded her head and smiled. She loved going shopping with them. It was so much fun!

"Great!" she exclaimed, "are you ready to go?"

Ashley pointed down at her feet. Tanya and Kat looked at her feet.

"Your right Ash, shoes might help," Tanya laughed.

Ashley signaled that she would be right back and went to put her shoes on. She ran into the living room and got them on.

"You ready now?" Kat asked her.

Ashley nodded yes, and then left her house in Tanya's yellow car. "You guys I have to pick up Adam. He has to buy some new shoes," Tanya explained as she was pulling into his driveway.

Adam came running out of his with his gym bag in hand. "What's the bag for?" Tanya asked him as he got in the front seat next to her.

"I hope you don't mind hon, but could you drop me off at the Youth Center on our way back? I have a karate class I have to teach,"

Ashley thought Adam was pretty cute, but he was going out with Tanya. Rocky was cute in a dorky sorta way. Adam interrupted her thoughts.

"Hi, Ashley. How are you?" he turned around and asked her. She mouthed the words "hi" and "good" to him. He understood, "that's good to hear,"

About 15 minutes or so later they were at the mall shopping like crazy. Kat and Tanya had a blast helping Ashley pick out clothes. Although she had a much different taste, but they changed that. Ashley liked baggy clothes while Kat and Tanya preferred short shorts, skirts, baby-tees and tight shirts.

"Oh come on, you'd look great in that!" Kat exclaimed.

"You've got a better body then me or Kat. And you keep it hidden under all those layers of clothes." Tanya stated.

Ashley looked in the mirror at herself. She didn't know how, but they had somehow persuaded her into trying on a pair of purple short shorts and a black baby-tee. She sighed and just nodded yes. Everything else she got though was her style.


On the way out the mall doors a beeping sound stopped the teens dead in their tracks. Ashley knew what it was but pretended to be confused.

"Oh, that's my beeper. I'll be right back," Kat lied and started walking towards the pay phones.

Ashley let out a frustrated sigh to let Tanya and Adam know she was getting restless.

"I read you Zordon come in," Kat replied.

"I need you rangers to come to the Power Chamber immediately,"

"But what about Ashley? We can't just leave her here,"

"Have Tanya bring her home while you and Adam come here. Then Tanya will meet you there,"


Kat went back over to Tanya, Adam and Ashley. She made some lame excuse like always and Ashley was brought home.

"Bye Ash! See you later!" Tanya yelled from the car.

Ashley just nodded and went inside. The place was a mess! < Someone or something was here, > she thought. She didn't hear anything so maybe they had left.

A loud smash came from the kitchen. Ashley quietly sneaked over to the kitchen door and peeked around the corner. Nothing. She turned around; a pair of hands clamped over mouth and pulled her into the kitchen. Ashley went into a panic and stomped down on the persons, then she elbowed him in the stomach.

"Ow!" the person whimpered, "What'd you do that for?"

Ashley recognized the voice. She turned around; it was the blue Zeo Ranger! < Rocky,> she thought, < what are you doing here? >

Rocky saw the confused look on her face. "We picked up a disturbance at your house, so we decided to make sure you were ok. I didn't mean to scare you like that," Another loud crash came from Ashley's room this time, "Stay here with Ashley," Rocky told Adam.

Ashley didn't realize the green Zeo Ranger was there until he came out of the shadows. "Right!" he responded, "Oh and be careful,"

The blue Zeo Ranger just waved his hand at him and left his teammate and Ashley in the kitchen. A wave of nausea swept over Ashley, something was terribly wrong. She started to run after Rocky to warn him not to go up there but Adam grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

Ashley wanted to say something but she couldn't. Ashley tried to tell Adam in sign language that his friend was in trouble.

Suddenly a huge explosion occurred and the blue Zeo Ranger came hurdling down the stairs and landed on the floor with a THUD! She ran towards him in hopes he'd be ok. < Oh no Rocky! > Ashley thought to herself.

"Oh my god!" Adam exclaimed, "Rocky," he whispered. He ran after Ashley and pulled her away from him. "Ashley stay here with him, I'll be right back," he ordered.

The green Zeo Ranger went into the kitchen and contacted Zordon. "Zordon come in,"

"I read you Adam go ahead," Zordon answered.

"Rocky's hurt pretty bad, but me and Ashley are ok. Do you want me to bring him to the Power Chamber?"

"I'll send Kat or Tanya to look after Ashley while you bring Rocky back here,"

"Ok, Adam out," he ran back to Ashley and told her to wait there, that he could handle this. He grabbed a hold of his fellow ranger and teleported out.

< Probably to the Power Chamber. > Ashley thought to herself.

"Are you ok Ashley?" a voice from out of nowhere asked.

Ashley jumped in surprise. Startled she spun around and breathed a sigh of relief. < It's just the girls. Why am I so jumpy? >She nodded yes, walked over to the couch and sat down.


At the Power Chamber Rocky lay on the table still out cold from the blast. Machines were hooked up to him to monitor his vital signs.

"Zordon. Ashley tried to stop Rocky from going out there. Do you think she knew what was going to happen?" Adam asked.

"That could be possible Adam. If it is then who knows what else she might know. There is an endless amount of possibilities," Zordon bellowed back.

"Ohhhhh my head," moaned Rocky.

Adam rushed over to his friend's side. "Rocky you're okay!" he exclaimed, excitement in his voice.

"Hey not so loud, I'm right here ya know," he complained, shaking his head.

"Oh sorry,"

"Is Ashley okay?! Did she get hurt?! Where is she?!" Rocky said starting to panic.

"Easy there Rock." Adam gently pushed his friend back down, "Yes, Ashley's ok, no she didn't get hurt and she's at home with Kat and Tanya. Of course she doesn't know it's them,"


< I hope the blue Zeo Rangers all right. > Ashley commented to herself. Ashley put a worried look on her face. She had a feeling he was but she had to act a little upset or else they'd think somethin was going on. Ashley just wasn't ready to tell them about her secrets yet.

"I don't think you should be worrying about him! Your the one that needs the help," came hiss from the darkness.

Ashley jumped up and looked around thinking, < Kat? Tanya? Where are you guys? Is that you? Who's there? >

"They can't help you now," came another voice from the shadows, "no one can help you now!"

An evil laughter filled the living room air. All Ashley could hear was the villainous laugh of something or someone about to strike. < What now? > She thought.


"Aiy yi yi yi!" exclaimed Alpha 5. "A sudden surge of evil energy is overloading our circuits!"

"What's going on?!" Adam asked confused by all the commotion. Alpha tracked down the strange force to Ashley's house.

"Ashley is in great danger! And I can't locate Kat or Tanya anywhere. Ohhhh aiy yi yi yi!" Alpha 5 stated starting to pace back and forth, worriedly.

Rocky sat up and got off the table rather quickly. "What?! Oh man, we have to go save her, Kat and Tanya!"

"You can't, there is a force field blocking the house from any entry or exit. It may take some time penetrate it," Zordon boomed, "Alpha contact Tommy and tell him to get here right away,"

"Right," the robot responded and pushed a various sequence of buttons on the control board.

"Oh man, we sure could use Billy right about now. I think," Rocky commented but then wasn't sure whether he'd save her or not after reading the letter.

"Of course Rocky your right. We need Billy here to help," Zordon bellowed, "Alpha send a message to Aquitar quickly we may not have much time,"

"But....." Rocky protested.

"He's Ashley, Kat and Tanya's only hope, Rocky. I won't have you....."

"But Zordon Billy hates Ashley remember! He wants her to die, he'll save Kat and Tanya but not Ashley,"

"Yes, I do remember the letter, but we still need his help,"

"Alright, if it'll save Kat and Tanya and maybe Ashley then let's do it," he said giving in reluctantly.

A streak of red light entered the Power Chamber. "What's the emergency?" Tommy asked, sounding out of breath. Adam and Rocky went over and told Tommy everything that had happened and was happening.


The evil laugh that filled the air stopped as fast as it had started and was gone without a trace. Ashley looked around the room, her eyes had once been a bright cheery green color but now they were dark and engrossed in a fearful look, that people had only heard about in horror stories.

"Assssshhhhhlllleeyyyy," whispered a soothing, calm voice.

She jumped startled by the difference in voices. < A few bad? One good? Or was it just the evil playing tricks on her? >

"Ashley, don't be afraid my child," came the voice again, "I'm not here to hurt you, but to rescue you,"

< Yeah right, > Ashley thought to herself. < That's what you want me to think. I'm not afraid of you. Ss..s.oo just back off! > A relaxing breeze blew her backwards onto the couch. She tired to get up but it was like she was paralyzed. < It's going to get me! I can't move! I can't get up! Oh someone help me please! Someone help me! > she thought, her mind racing.

"This is Billy, come in Alpha," a familiar voice said.

"Thank god! Billy we need you to come back to earth for a little bit. We have a problem that only you can fix," Adam explained.

"Alright I'm on my way. Billy out,"

Within seconds a white beam of light appeared and then disappeared leaving Billy in its place. Tommy, Rocky and Adam told Billy what there situation was.

Billy went a rage of fury when he found out that Ashley had made friends with them. "I told that little witch to stay away from you guys! When I get my hands on her I'll..."

"Billy, calm yourself. You must focus on the task at hand," Zordon commanded.

"Please Billy. Kat and Tanya are trapped in there as well!" Tommy pleaded.

Billy sighed at the mention of Kat's name. < I don't want her or Tanya to get hurt, but I can't risk Ashley getting free. > After a moment of hesitation he went over to the control panels and started working.


Ashley struggled to break free from power of the paralyzing spell but got nowhere. < This isn't getting me anywhere. > she thought to herself. She gasped as the most repulsive looking, disgusting smelling creature came out of the shadows and started towards her, it's red eyes glowing with a fury and hatred that only Satan could enjoy.

"Welcome my dear girl," he hissed, "yes, welcome to your doom!"

A slow sleepiness steadily drifted over Ashley, her eyes started to close but she fought to keep them open.

"Yes, sleeeep, sleeeep," the hideous creature said soothingly.

Ashley shook her head and continued to try and stay awake. ...her eyes gradually started closing and she fell into a deep sleep. Almost coma like.

"Leave her alone, you goon!" Kat yelled.

Tanya and Kat kicked him out of the way and ran over to Ashley. They shook her trying to wake her up. "Come Ash! Snap out of it!" Tanya urged.

"Ashley come back! Please, wake up!"

"Your too late! She's in my control now, she belongs to me,"

"You bastard!" Kat screamed and then charged at the demon like creature.

He simply stood there and annoyingly pushed her away.

"Kat," Tanya ran over to her friend, but there was no response.

"Oh how I tire of these games so," the demon yawned.

"What have you done to Kat!" Tanya cried out.

"She'll be fine, the one you have to worry about is Ashley and of course yourself included," with those words he shot Tanya with a laser beam sapping all of her strength from her and she collapsed to the ground.

He picked up Ashley off the couch and turned into a handsome looking young man. His plan was to turn her against the Rangers and use her powers to defeat them. To his knowledge she liked them as friends, but little did he know how strong her feelings were for Rocky.


"Ok, I've made the force field weaker so you can get in there and bring them out," Billy explained, "I don't want you to save my sister, let her save herself," he added, hatred filling his voice.

Rocky sighed, "Alright, we won't,"

"Good, I'll teleport you three in there after your morph. Whatever you do don't power down, the force field will keep you from morphing again,"

"It's morphin time!" Tommy called out.

"Zeo Ranger III Blue!" Rocky yelled.

"Zeo Ranger IV Green," Adam stated.

"Zeo Ranger V Red!" Tommy finished.

The three where instantly cloaked in a red, green and blue spandex material. Helmets now covered their faces.

"Ready?" asked Billy.

"Ready!" confirmed the three.

There disgruntled friend Billy pushed some buttons on the control panel and blue, green and red streaks of light flew out of the Power Chamber into Ashley's house.


When they landed in the living room of her house there was an eerie silence in the air. Rocky spotted Kat lying on the floor by the wall.

"Hey guys, over here," he whispered to his friends, "I found Kat,"

Tommy took Kat's helmet off and checked to see if she was still breathing. "She's still alive, I have to get her to the Power Chamber,"

"OK, you go ahead. Adam and I will continue to look for Tanya and Ashley,"

And with that Tommy was gone. He wasn't going to tell Billy that they were attempting to save Tanya and Ashley.

"Wake up my child," came a calm, soothing voice.

Ashley's eyes fluttered open. She looked up and saw a handsome young man standing over her, stroking her cheek. The look in his eyes frightened her so she sat up and quickly moved away.

"Do not be afraid. I will not harm," he said reaching down for her hand.

Slowly Ashley reached up with her hand. The stranger pulled Ashley up off her bed. A relaxed feeling flowed through her body. She didn't know whether to kill him or kiss him, be afraid of him or trust him, run away or stay right there. < Why can't I think straight, it's like he's controlling my thoughts, my emotions, me. > This scared her and she tried to pull away from him, but she couldn't get out of the hold he had on her.

She is much stronger then I thought. It will take a lot of effort to get her to trust me. But once I succeed nothing will stop me! He pulled Ashley close to him and tightened his grip, enjoying the warmth of her body.

"There, there now. Everything will be all right. You'll see," he said. < For me anyway. Once I'm done with you you'll be sent to King Mondo and then possibly killed, if not that then drained of your essence and brainwashed. Maybe if I'm lucky he'll give me to you, to do as I will. > He smiled at this thought.

Downstairs in the kitchen Rocky and Adam continued to look for Ashley and Tanya.

"Maybe if I yell to her, she'll hear me and answer," Rocky quietly said to his friend.

"Yeah and maybe some cogs will show up instead,"

"We have to try. So what's a few cogs, we can take them,"

"I suppose your right,"

"Ashley! Tanya!"

"Tanya! Where are you!? Ashley!"

"Oh man I just remembered. Ashley doesn't talk!"

Rocky and Adams yelling to their friends interrupted the demon's thoughts. "King Mondo, send down some cogs. Those two are getting too close and the girls not fully under my power yet,"


"Adam behind you!" Rocky yelled as three cogs leapt at Adam knocking him over. Rocky ran over and started kicking the mechanical misfits off of him, "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, lets take these metal heads!" Adam exclaimed, charging into two of the cog's head on and slamming them to the wall. They fell apart and landed in a pile on the floor.

Rocky sweep kicked a cog, which fell over on another one. "The domino effect really does work,"

Suddenly a cog went flying past Rocky's head. He turned to see Tommy standing behind him.

"Thought you guys could use some help," he said while annoyingly pushing a cog to floor.

"Yeah thanks," Rocky answered distractedly.

The cogs soon were gone and the three rangers started their search once more. Adam heard a noise coming from upstairs and motioned to his friends to come over.

"Let's check out what's up there," Adam whispered.

"Right," Tommy and Rocky said at the same time quietly.

With Adam in the lead, our heroes crept up the stairs as quiet as possible.

The green Zeo Ranger suddenly came to a halt. In his path lying on the stairs was Tanya.

"Tanya," Adam gasped. He reached down and checked for a pulse, "she's still alive but just barely," he reached down and picked her up adding, I'm bringing her back to the Power Chamber. I'll try and stall Billy..."


"What do you mean they're going after her!?!" Billy yelled out.

"Billy, there's nothing you can do! They are going to save Ashley and that's final! You can't stop them," Adam reasoned.

"Billy, he's right. You must stop this foolishness at once," Zordon bellowed.

"Zordon, you don't understand. She's..."

"BILLY..." Zordon boomed, firmly.

"Alright," he sighed.


"Ashley," the demon hissed in her ear.

She shuddered, a sharp, tingling pain went up her back and paralyzed her panic stricken body with fear. Ashley struggled to get loose.

"It's no use my dear...there's no way out,"

"Let her go you creep!" a voice yelled from behind.

The demon swung around still holding Ashley close to him, "It's no use mortal, she can't be saved..."

< That's what you think. Blue and Red Zeo Rangers help me. Please! > Ashley pleaded in her thoughts. < Come on, I know you can hear me. Can't control thoughts...must fight. >

"Ashley..." Rocky whispered.

To be continued....