Part 2

"So Rangers," the demon hissed, "what are you going to do now?"

Ashley struggled helplessly to break free, but some how he was controlling her.

"Tommy, did you hear that?" Rocky asked.

"Hear what?"

"Ashley's voice inside your head,"

"Yeah. You heard it too?"

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Yep. We just found out Ashley's secret,"

< Only one of them, guys. > They heard a voice say. < You need all the Rangers to defeat him. Go back to wherever it is that you two came from and get the others...I can't hold out much longer... Losing control... >

"Hold on, Ashley. We'll be back," the blue Zeo Ranger said.

Blurs of red and blue light leaving the room was all Ashley saw before she blacked out and slipped totally into the creature's control.

"I see you have finally come to your senses," Billy commented.

"Zordon, are Katherine and Tanya ready to fight yet?" Tommy asked, ignoring Billy's remark.

"No, Tommy. It will be a while, for they are not even awake yet," Zordon answered.

"Oh man, it'll be too late by then!" Rocky cried out in frustration.

"Billy can you speed up the healing process?" Zordon asked.

"Yes, but I..."

"Good then do it," Zordon commanded.

"Ok," Billy sulked and went to work.

"Zordon, can you get visual contact of the house? So we can see what's going on in there?" Adam asked.

"Establishing visual contact, now..." Alpha 5 confirmed. The three Rangers turned their attention to the viewing globe. Ashley was just lying lifelessly in his arms. They all proceeded to watch in horror as other hideous creatures gathered around. The master put Ashley down onto the floor and they all huddled around her and started chanting something.

"What's going?" Katherine asked weakly.

"Where's Ashley? What happened?" Tanya responded when she awoke.

Tommy rushed over to Kat and Tanya with Adam, Rocky and Billy close behind. They all pointed to the viewing globe.

"We've gotta go to her..." Kat exclaimed.

"No. This is something I have to do on my own, and besides you still aren't fully rested," Rocky said adding, "neither of you are,"

"But you heard what Ashley thought..." Tommy started.

"I don't care, this time it's personal," and with that Rocky teleported out of the Power Chamber.

"Zordon why didn't you stop him!?" Billy demanded to know, "I mean it's my sister... she's not important to us,"

"Maybe she isn't too you, but she is to Rocky," Zordon bellowed.

"Billy, Rocky loves her..." Adam spoke out.

Everyone to stared at him like he said something wrong. No one else had known that Rocky loved her. Except for Adam.


"You goons leave her alone!" Rocky commanded.

"You're just in time, Rangerrrrrr. Yesss, just in time to die," the demon declared.

"What have you done with Ashley?!"

"Oh, you mean her?" he pointed over to Ashley her eyes were as red as blood, she grinned evilly at Rocky. The demon started laughing, "she is to be my evil bride to be... and we will rule the everything that is evil together. FOREVER!"


"Creatures of darkness! Attack him!"

Suddenly four beams of brightly colored lights struck the room's floor and the Rangers stood their ready to attack.

"Power Rangers!" they all said in unison and struck terrifying poses.

They jumped into action and started throwing the hideous looking monsters left and right. A creature that had been carelessly thrown around by Kat, landed on Tanya.

"Hey watch where you're throwing those things!" she complained.


Tanya kicked the monstrosity off of her and continued to fight. Of course Rocky went after the master of the group.

"Well looky what we have here," the creature snarled, "one lone Ranger has come to take me on,"

"I may be alone, but you're going down!" Rocky remarked, the firmness in his voice startled even him. He charged at the unholy being knocked him to the ground with one blow, but it just got right back up again.

"Did you really think you alone could stop me?!" laughed the monster, "Ashley... get that blue Ranger and bring him to me!"

"Guys I could use your help over here." Rocky said while starting to back away from her. "We can't get to you." Tommy yelled over.

"There are two many of these…these things," Kat hollered over the noise.

"They're too strong," Adam explained while struggling to break free.

All the Rangers were being held back by the creatures that surrounded them. Ashley lunged at Rocky....

"Rocky!" Kat's Australian accent was heavy, "look out!"

Too late. Rocky turned around in time to see Ashley ram into him, knocking him onto the ground so hard he became unconscious. The other Rangers struggled to get to him but the demon like creatures held them back.

"Excellent..." the unholy creature hissed, "Wintal! Take the blue Ranger back to the castle and put him in one of the cells... make sure to take his Zeonizers and communicator away... we can't have any escape attempts now can we?"

"No my Lord... right away my lord," the stout little monster said while picking up Rocky's body and disappearing in a flash of red, black and blue light. The blue of course was from Rocky.

"Before we leave I'd like to give you Rangers a little something to remember us by..." with those words and a twist of his wrist a bomb was hurled at the Rangers and exploded on impact, sending them flying back into the wall. An evil laughter filled the room and quickly disappeared.

A guard slapped Rocky across the face roughly. "Wake up, human!" he said gruffly, "It's time to eat... we can't have you dying on us now can we? At least not yet anyway," he laughed mockingly. The guard opened the cell door to let Ashley in.. "My lady..." he then turned back to Rocky, "And you. Don't try anything funny," Shutting the door behind him the guard stormed down the hallway leaving Ashley and Rocky alone.

Ashley threw down a bowl of stale biscuits and set a cup of some strange liquid down as well in front of the Ranger. Rocky peered into the cup at the weird looking substance. He looked up at Ashley for a moment thoughtfully.

She glared down at him with a cold look in her eyes that sent shivers up his spine. It wasn't only that but they had a sad part to them as well. It was like she didn't even know who she was anymore. Ashley shook her head for a moment as if remembering something and then walked out of the cell locking the door behind her and started off down the hall.

Rocky looked down at his wrist which was now bare and tried to call on his Zeonizers but nothing happened. He sighed. Rocky felt as if he had been drained of all energy what so ever, "Well I might as well eat this.. maybe I can get some of my energy back,"

Up in the throne room the Zeonizers started glowing, "That foolish Ranger must be trying to call upon his powers. Did he really think I'd be that stupid and leave them with him. Ha! Wintal... have King Mondo send some cogs down to his cell to rough him up a bit, I'll teach him not to try and escape,"

"Yes, Lord Darkredge... right away"

The Rangers teleported into the Power Chamber in blurs of rainbow colored light. They all took off their helmets and set them down on the control panel.

"Rangers welcome back... but where is Rocky?" Zordon greeted.

"That demon dude got him, they have him locked up at some castle and..." Tanya started.

"They took his Zeonizers and communicator away," Kat finished.

"I knew it! But you guys wouldn't listen to me would you?! I told you my sister would bring you only problems and make things worse, but you wouldn't listen to me, would you?!" Billy started babbling.

"But Billy we...." Adam began.

"WOULD YOU?!" he screamed, completely losing it.

"Billy please control yourself. We must concentrate on getting Rocky and Ashley back. This is getting us nowhere, we are just wasting time," Zordon boomed.

"My sister deserves to die! She killed my parents! She has to die! It was all her fault!" Billy rambled on.

Adam put a hand on his disgruntled friend's shoulder, "Billy...not helping your sister won't bring your parents back, even if she is responsible for their deaths," "Neither will saving her..."

"But Billy, what about Rocky?" Tanya asked.

"Come on man, they need your help. And Ashley's all the family you have left now..."

"Don't remind me," Billy replied smugly.

"Billy we must hurry and get them both free. If Ashley remains under Lord Darkredge's control much longer all will be lost and her soul will be his. For all eternity, if this happens earth will be doomed," Zordon said.

"Oh alright," Billy finally answered reluctantly, "but I'm only doing this for you guys,"

Suddenly the alarm went off sending Alpha into a frenzy of aiy yi yi yi's and walking back and forth around the chamber. The Rangers turned their attention to the viewing screen.

"Rangers, Lord Darkredge is destroying the park. You must stop him quickly, before it is too late," Zordon bellowed.

"Back to action!" Tommy yelled and they all teleported away.

"Monsters! Destroy this place... don't stop until you've burned down every tree and dumped over every trashcan! Evil will prevail and King Mondo will rule this planet, once we have the girl under our complete control! Ahhhh hahahaha!" Lord Darkredge commanded.

Just then rainbow colored lights flashed into the park leaving the Rangers behind, "Give up Darkredge! Your days are numbered!" Tommy shouted.

"Ha! You simpleton.... nothing will stop King Mondo from worldwide domination. Especially not you," he replied with bite, "Monsters! Attack!!!"

"Zeo Rangers!" the Rangers all said while striking dramatic poses. They then jumped into action. Fighting with all they had, but they didn't see Ashley anywhere.

"Tommy help!" the familiar cries of Kat rang out through the park as she was being mauled by two monsters.

"Kat!" he ran over to her, threw one monster off of her and kicked the other one away, "are you ok?"

"Yeah.. let's take these freaks! Pink Power Cloud!" Kat fought back and sent pink bolt of energy at on of the monsters knocking it over.

The fight raged on for quit some time and soon Lord Darkredge and the monsters left. Swearing that they'd be back and next time the Rangers wouldn't be so lucky.

As the Rangers were regaining their strength and energy, Billy worked on a plan to save Rocky and his sister. All the Rangers wondered why it would be the end of the world as they knew it, if Ashley's soul became Lord Darkredge, and why/how she was responsible for her parents death, and what was Zordon protecting them from about Ashley? Billy interrupted their thoughts by saying, "I've got it! I got a plan... I hope,"

Tommy and the others leaned over to Billy, "Go ahead. We're listening." Tommy said.


There was sickening crack as Rocky was thrown up against the wall by a cog. Another cog punched him in the stomach and kicked him the groin area. Just barely missing that tender spot. They slapped him around, punched him, kicked him, and slammed him into the hard stone wall or the iron bar door and wall. The cogs finally disappeared and left him lying in a corner of his cell.

Rocky let out a groan of pain as he tried to sit up. He wondered why the cogs had left so quickly and why they came in the first place. Then he saw Ashley standing there by the door in the hallway. < They must have saw her and then split. > Rocky decided.

Ashley opened the cell door and came in with a bowl that had some water in it and sponge. She helped him sit up and cleaned his wounds.

< How strange, > he thought. Why is she doing this? Rocky looked into her eyes. The evil was still there but so was the sadness. Suddenly he heard inside his head...< I don't know why I'm doing this you silly human. Just shut up. > He stared back up at her. < Don't look at me like that…or I'll have to slap you. > Rocky heard.

Ashley left him some more hard rolls and some water. She then got up and left, locking the cell's door behind her.

Rocky contently ate the rolls and thirstily drank the water, she had left. He found it hard to move after the severe beating that he had gotten, but got in a position on some hay comfortable enough and fell asleep.

"I'm locking onto Rocky's life pattern now," Billy said, "We should be able to teleport him out of there, but..."

"But what?" Kat asked.

"His Zeonizers and communicator will be left behind...we'll just have to hope my sister comes out of this spell soon so she can get them for us. If not then..."

"We'll be down one Ranger?" Tommy finished.

"Affirmative. That is until we can get them back so he can transform,"

"Billy you must hurry and teleport him here. His life signs are beginning to weaken. You must act swiftly," Zordon stated.

"Ok, I'm locked on. Teleporting now...."

Nothing happened. Billy frantically started pushing buttons again, "There seems to be a problem,"

"What is it?" Adam asked. "I don't know. Our teleportation beam is unable to get a good enough lock on him. It's as if something's blocking the way,"

"I guess it's up to Ashley." Tanya said.

Billy groaned, "Guess so,"

Just then the alarm went off, "Rangers, Lord Darkredge has appeared in the park again with some monsters. Ashley is with him this time," Zordon bellowed.

"If I can get a lock on Ashley I can teleport her here and we could try and take the spell off," Billy said sounding a little unsure of his idea.

"Ok. We'll take care that creep and his goons," Tommy said, "It's Morphin Time!"

"Zeo Ranger One-- Pink!"

"Zeo Ranger Two-- Yellow!"

"Zeo Ranger Three-- Green!"

"Zeo Ranger Five-- Red!"

The four Ranger teleported away in bright colors leaving the Power Chamber and heading for the park.


Lord Darkredge turned around. There stood the Rangers ready to attack, "Awww Rangers... so nice of you to join us," he greeted with an evil grin.

This time Clank and Orbis were also there. Ashley stood next to Clank with Orbis sitting on her shoulder. With a smirk on her face she gestured the green Zeo Ranger to come to her. Adam couldn't help but resist it was like she had a strange hold on him. The other Rangers tried to stop to him but were unsuccessful.

When he reached her, Ashley raised her hands over head, brought them down to her chest and pushed outward. A black bolt of pure electric energy shot out at Adam and went right through him and then to the other Rangers. It then disappeared without a trace as if it had completed its mission, leaving our heroes laying on the ground and slowly trying to get up.

"Well done my wife... well done indeed," the Lord complimented while grinning evilly.

The Rangers struggled to their feet. Although they felt completely drained they knew that the fight must go on. They all prayed that Billy would soon teleport his sister out of here, You haven't won yet Darkredge!" Tommy yelled pulling out his sword.

"Oh but that's where your wrong my dear boy...I already have. ATTACK!!"

Out of nowhere hordes of cogs appeared joining the three monsters that already stood in front of them. A fierce battle broke out. Kat and Tanya blasted the cogs with their guns or tried to anyway. One of the monsters kept getting in the way and tossing them to the ground.

"Power Punch!" was heard being yelled by the green Zeo Ranger. One of the three monsters fell to the ground, "That'll teach ya to pick on my girlfriend creep!"

Ashley suddenly disappeared in a black flash of light and Orbis was left floating there in mid-air. The Rangers knew that Billy was behind it. They all breathed a little easier seeing as how with his sister in captivity she couldn't make the fight worse.


"She should be teleporting in any moment now," Billy said.

Just then a loud crash was heard as Ashley teleported in uncontrollable bolt of black light that bounced around the room knocking things over. Until finally it stopped and Ashley lay on the examining table passed out for the moment.

Billy took a deep breath and went over to his sister's side. He hadn't seen her since she was five. This was the first he had seen her in eleven years.

"Billy. You must put the restraints on her quickly in case she wakes up. For if you don't the results could be disastrous," Zordon advised.

Obeying the dictates of his mentor Billy strapped the restraints over her wrists, ankles, stomach and forehead. Making sure they were tightened down enough so she couldn't squirm free.

"Alpha begin scanning her to see if there's anyway we get her out of this," Zordon commanded.

Alpha obediently pulled the top of the scanner down over Ashley, hooked up a few wires and went over to the control panel, "Commencing scan now," he said, pushing a button. A purple light went across Ashley's body and then went back and forth a few more times. Soon a read out started printing out of the computer and Billy went over scooped it up.

After looking over the print out he finally said, "It says here that she was brainwashed by a spell of some sort,"

"Attach the brainwash remover onto her head and turn it up to maximum power. This spell is very powerful and very dangerous. We need all the energy we can get," Zordon bellowed.

"Would help if the Rangers healed her as well. Like they did when you were dying?" Billy asked.

"Yes. You're right Billy. It would. So we must wait for them to return. Hopefully it won't be too late by then," Zordon commended.

< I hope you appreciate what I'm doing for you Rocky. I really do. > Billy thought to himself. He always disliked Rocky. Mainly because Rocky became the blue Ranger instead of him. Where as Billy gave up his Zeo crystal to Tanya. He couldn't believe he did that. < I can't believe I gave all this up to an amateur. A little while longer on the team and I would have been leader. >He thought sourly.

Bright flashes of light filled the Power Chamber. Interrupting Billy of his thoughts. He hated every Ranger for some reason or another. Except Kat. Billy had fallen in love with Kat ever since she had showed up. But that jerk Tommy stole her away from him. Tommy always got the girls. Billy had liked Kim too. And yet again Tommy got the girl.

"Billy? Earth to Billy," Kat said waving her gloved hand in front of his face.

"Huh? Wha.. Oh hey guys," he replied snapping back into reality, "you're just in time. We need your help to bring my sister back to her senses," adding silently to himself. What little she had.

"How do we do that?" Adam asked.

Billy had forgotten about Adam. He was one of the people he liked as well. Adam had always been a good friend. Comforting him, helping him with girl trouble, listening to his problems. Adam was the only one that knew Billy loved Kat and had felt the same way about Kim. And he didn't tell anyone, not even Tommy. Whom he was closer too.

"Remember what we did Zordon was dying?" Billy asked.

"Yeah," Tommy answered.

"Well that's what you guys need to do now. Since Rocky isn't here I've attached the brain scrambler to her head. To return her to normal," thinking to himself. Not that she ever was, "that should add the extra power we need," he finished.

"Ummm excuse me. But when was Zordon dying?" Tanya asked.

"And how did you bring him back?" Kat added.

"This was when you guys weren't here. It happened like almost a year ago," Adam told his girlfriend.

"We formed a circle around him, put our hands up so that the finger tips were touching the Ranger's next to us, closed our eyes and concentrated... like this," Tommy and Adam showed the girls what they meant.

Billy turned on the device and Tanya and Kat joined in on the circle. Ashley's brother could see the energy start to flow through her. A red star, pink oval, green square and yellow equal sign met in the middle, crashing into each either. Creating sparks of all different colors and then gentle falling onto Ashley's body.

"Alpha, remove the restraints," Zordon commanded.

"Yes, Zordon," the robot replied and quickly unlatched the restraints and let them hang down off of the table.

The Rangers waited anxiously to see what the outcome would be. It seemed to be an eternity when finally.

"You guys look! She's moving," Kat said excitedly.

"Everyone got their helmet on?" Tommy questioned looking around at the others, "good,"

"But what about Billy?" Tanya asked.

"She already knows that I help out the Power Rangers," Billy answered.

"But how? I thought the last time you saw you were six and she was five?"

"Tanya. That's true. But I just know that she knows somehow. She knows things like that. I don't know how... but she does,"

Ashley's picked up her hand and put it on her head. < Where am I? What happened? How'd I get here? > she thought to herself. Her head ached and she was kinda dizzy. She looked up and saw the blurry outlines of the Rangers helmets. After a few minutes the blurriness went away. Ashley slowly sat up rubbing her eyes. Then out of the shadows stepped out stepped one of the things she feared the most; her brother.

Ashley scurried off the table and hid behind the yellow and green Zeo Rangers. She was afraid of Billy mainly because of how he had always treated her when she younger. Ridiculing her, using her as his guinea pig on same weird experiment and such. Ashley literally feared him. To her, he was the devil himself.

"Ashley…it's ok. He won't hurt you," the pink Zeo Ranger said to the quivering girl. She felt sorry for Ashley- her being afraid of her brother and all.

"Ashley. Get out here. Right now," Billy commanded staring at her.

She didn't budge.

"Ashley. Get out here, right this instant,"

Slowly Billy's sister crept out from behind the two Rangers and cautiously walked up to him. She stood there. His eyes burning menacingly into hers. Filled with judgment and criticism. Ashley had seen that look before. It scared her and he knew it.

"Alright Ashley, listen up. We have an assignment for you. Only you can do it," Billy finally said, "we need you to retrieve the blue Zeo Rangers, Zeonizers and communicator. And you must rescue a friend of the Rangers who was captured. Do you think you can handle it!?" his voice sounded challenging. If there was one thing Ashley couldn't stand, it was being challenged.

Ashley just nodded.

"This is what you have to do..." Billy started.


Ashley stumbled into the throne room of Lord Darkredge's castle. She looked as if she had been beaten up badly. Lord Darkredge was outraged at what the Rangers had done to her.

"They will pay for this my love! I reassure you that you WILL be avenged!" he yelled his voice full of anger, "King Mondo! Send down some cogs to destroy the park and blast the Power Chamber to bits. They will pay dearly," he finally finished and then stormed out of the room.

Ashley saw a glow of blue light and followed it. The next thing she knew she had found the Zeonizers and communicator. < This is TOO easy. > She thought to herself as she was reaching for them. Her hand went through something. It felt like force field of some sorts. < Gotcha. > She thought. Ashley heard some footsteps and quickly hid the Zeonizers and communicator in her pocket. < Ok what's next? Oh yeah free Rocky. > She slipped out of the throne room just as some guards came in.

Rocky paced back and forth in his cell, wondering what to do. < Are they even going to come for me? > he thought, "Huh?" he heard footsteps approaching the out outside of the cell door. Silence. A loud groan and then a thud was all he heard. Then the jangling of keys opening the door. He prepared himself to fight.

When the door swung open Rocky dropped his fighting stance. It was Ashley. She had come to save him. Ashley gestured him to take her hand. As if saying. Come on we got to get out of here! Rocky took her hand and they ran out of the cell and down the hallway.


Back at the Power Chamber the alarm was going off. Everyone looked at the viewing screen. Cogs were destroying the park, and Lord Darkredge was there as well.

"Rangers you must stop them immediately. Lord Darkredge has been losing power ever since we took Ashley out of his control. You will have the upper hand," Zordon boomed.

"Alright. Back to action!" Tommy shouted.

The Rangers disappeared yet again in a flourish of lights and left the Power Chamber. Billy worked at the control panel trying to lock onto Rocky and his sister's location. Actually secretly he wanted to just teleport Rocky, his Zeonizers and communicator out. Leaving his little witch of a sister stranded.

Ashley knew that he wanted to though. That's why she was hanging onto Rocky's hand. What did he take her for an idiot?

"I've locked onto them. Coordinates for teleportation?" Billy said.

"Teleport Rocky, the Zeonizers and communicator here. Teleport Ashley to the Youth Center," Zordon bellowed.

"Alright. Here goes nothin,"

"There they are get them!" one guard shouted.

"Don't let them get away!" hollered another.

Ashley and Rocky ran frantically down the dim hallway trying to escape the guards. Another stood in their path. He grabbed the back of Rocky's shirt, choking him.

< Rocky!! I'm coming! > Ashley thought. She jumped onto the guard's back and covered his eyes. After moving her hands around she found the pressure point and pushed on it. The guard immediately let go of Rocky and he went spiraling to the floor. Bucking like a wild horse and crashing his back into the wall. The guard tried desperately to get Ashley off his back.

She paid no attention and continued to apply pressure. Finally the guard knocked her off and she fell to the ground. With a thud the guard toppled over and landed on the cold, stone floor. He screamed in pain and covered his face with his hands. Rocky helped Ashley up off the floor. Her mouth opened as if trying to say something and she frantically pointed behind him. Another guard inched closer and closer to Rocky with a lead pipe in his hand.

The guard raised the pipe in the air and suddenly Rocky and Billy's sister disappeared in flashes of black and blue light. Leaving the guard behind with nothing but air to swing at.

Ashley landed in the parking lot of the Youth Center. She reached into her pocket for the Zeonizer and communicator but they were gone, and Rocky was no where to be found. She figured he must have been teleported to the Power Chamber. Ashley didn't want to stay at the Youth Center so she started walking home.

< What a mess. > She thought to herself when she finally reached home. Ashley went inside turned on the lights and started cleaning up. About an hour or so later she was finished and flopped down onto the couch to watch TV. She turned it onto AGNN (Angel Grove News Network).

"The Power Rangers have once again saved the day here in Angel Grove," said the reporter, "An attack all through out today could have caused millions of dollars in damage. Thanks to the Rangers our city is yet again safe…"

Ashley clicked off the TV and smiled. She didn't why she was smiling but she was. Billy's reoccurrence into her life was odd. It made her feel like she was a helpless little kid again. On knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. Ashley slid off the couch, went over and opened the door.

"Hey Ash..." Rocky greeted grinning.

Ashley just smiled and waved hello. < Do you want to come in? > she thought.

"Umm no thanks... the gang and I were just wondering if you wanted to come to the movies with us," he said uncomfortably. Rocky still wasn't used to the idea that she could communicate telepathically.

Ashley nodded excitedly. She loved hanging out with them. They considered her part of 'the gang'. It felt so good to belong somewhere. Then it hit her. What if Billy was going to be there?

< Is Billy going to be there? > Rocky heard in his mind.

"No, Billy won't be there. There's nothing to worry about,"

Ashley smiled, got her keys, some money and locked the door.

"Is it ok if we walk there? My car's in the shop," he asked sounding a little glum. She nodded and they walked off to the Movie Theater to meet the rest of the gang. Finally I feel like I belong somewhere.

Next time on Power Rangers Zeo.... King Mondo sends the Soul Trapper to earth to reign his terror. Rocky and Kat have their souls taken from them and then are trapped in Ashley's nightmares to face her fears and their own. Can they survive the deadly game? Will the others find a way to save them in time before it's too late? Find out in the upcoming episode: "Soul Trapper".