Intruder or Friend

By: Georgia Peach

Disclaimer: Power Rangers Zeo is owned and copyrighted by Saban Entertainment. This story is non-profitable. I could not help but write this story, when you have such great characters you can't pass them up. I hope anyone that reads this story will have much enjoyment. Please don't sue!

The Power Rangers, Kat, Tanya, Rocky, Adam, and Tommy were waiting for their good friend, Billy to return from Aquitar. Billy was excellent in computers, and the Rangers needed him to figure out some weird codes they kept on getting.

"Billy it's great to have you back man," Tommy said with his long ponytail hanging over his shoulder.

"It's great to be back," Billy sighed, "So, what's the big problem?"

"We've been getting these weird signals and codes for the past two weeks," Katherine explained while handing Billy a few sheets of paper," This one came in an hour ago, but we weren't able to make any sense of them."

"Hmm, it looks as if someone is trying to get a lock on where the Power Chamber is," Billy said while staring at the sheets of paper, letting out a deep breath.

"Whoa! Your saying someone is trying to find the Power Chamber?" Rocky said very surprised.

"Billy, isn't that kinda impossible?" Tanya asked," I mean many have tried to find out who the Power Rangers are, but they never could."

"Well whoever or whatever is using this signal has some very good computers, and is very smart," Billy said shaking his head." Their technology is about as good as ours."

Adam sighed, "Well can't we over ride the signals so they'll lead them to some other place."

"Well, if I would've gotten here a few hours ago that could've been possible, but they have a lock on the Power Chamber by now," Billy answered with a heavy sigh." There's nothing we can do."

"Do you think King Mondo has something to do with this?" Tommy asked his curiosity growing.

"Normally I would say yes Tommy, but the signals are defiantly from earth. In fact they're from somewhere in Angel Grove, "Billy said while fiddling with the control panel.

"Can we find out whose sending them?" Katherine asked.

"Well, I know the person lives in Angel Grove. I can always send out a signal to find out exactly where this signal is coming from," Billy answered shrugging hoping his plan would work.

"Then let's try it!" Tommy yelled looking at the others to see if they agreed.

They all nodded their heads and shouted, "Let's do it!"

* * *

Unknown to the Rangers a teenage girl about seventeen was in her bedroom working on her computer," Leeza where are you?" Nikki yelled from downstairs.

"Up her Nik," Leeza yelled back to her cousin. Nikki was really the only person Leeza knew in Angel Grove. She had just moved there from New York City and hadn't had a chance to meet anybody yet.

Nikki came rushing into Leeza's bedroom and flung herself on her bed. She was totally out of breath. "Leeza where have you been! I've been looking all over town for you! You were suppose to meet me at the rink after school remember?"

"I'm sorry Nikki, I've just been so busy with this tracking that I forgot about the rink. "Leeza said in a hectic voice.

Nikki shook her head, "So you're still trying to find the Power Rangers huh, Leeza?"

"No not anymore," Leeza answered a mischievous smile appeared.

"So you finally gave up on finding them?" Nikki asked. She hoped Leeza had finally realized that it was impossible to find the Power Rangers!

"Actually I think I found them," Leeza said while handing a piece of paper to Nikki," Well what do you think?" She asked anxiously.

Nikki looked up from the paper a shocked look on her face. She knew her cousin was good at computers, but she didn't think she was this good. No one had ever been able to find the Power Rangers before. Now Leeza, who has been in Angel Grove for one month might have actually found them!" This is impossible! Leeza you're playing a joke on me aren't you?"

"Nikki, I'm serious! I think I really found them."

"But, how did you come across them?"

"Well, remember two weeks ago when the monster alarm went off?"

"Yeah, I went looking all over for you, but I couldn't find you anywhere."

"Well, I went up to where the Power Rangers were."

"Leeza are nuts! You could've been killed! They made the alarm so no one would get hurt, or go somewhere they shouldn't," Nikki scolded.

"I know that Nikki, I wasn't that close. I watched for a certain amount of time. When they Rangers beat the monster I threw a detecting device on one of their zords. That's what their called right?" Leeza explained.

"Yes. But I still don't understand it, how did you find them? "Nikki asked trying to believe what she was hearing.

"That's the easy part. When the zord went back to the place where they keep it I was able to track were it was. If my readings are correct they place were they work is fifteen miles to the north. I plan on going there tomorrow after school." Leeza finished.

"Leeza, are you sure you should be doing this? I mean if the Power Rangers wanted Angel Grove, and the rest of the world for that matter to know who they were they wouldn't of kept it a secret this long. Please say you'll throw those papers away and forget all about this?" Nikki's voice was filled with concern, as she seemed to plead with Leeza.

"Nikki I can't do that and you know it. I've worked to hard to trace the Rangers to give up now. Besides there's nothing to be afraid of, in fact why don't you come with me tomorrow when I go there? We could take our bikes there," Leeza said her blue eyes filled with excitement.

"Leeza, I wish I was as fearless as you are. I still don't like the idea of this though," Nikki said with a worried voice.

"So does this mean you'll come with me?" Leeza asked a huge smile on her face.

Nikki shook her head," I swear insanity runs in this family! All right I'll go, but if we get in trouble it will be all your fault!"

* * *

The next day at the Power Chamber, Billy was looked over the red battle zord. Tommy had told him that the past few times he'd used it there had been some problems. He was looking at the outside of it now. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the inside of it he went over it five times. From what he could see there was nothing wrong on the outside either. Billy was just about to leave when a blinking light caught his eye.

"Leeza what are you doing now?" Nikki asked her nerves already rattled.

"Calm down Nik," Leeza said looked up from her travel computer, "I'm just making sure were going into the right direction, that's all. I sure wouldn't want to ride fifteen miles and find out I went in the wrong direction."

"Well, I sure wish I were in the direction towards home," Nikki fretted.

"Ah, come on Nik, where's your adventure spirit?"

"I think I left in New York when I visited you last," Nikki said sarcastically.

"Come on Nikki we've got on long way to go before we get there, so we better get going."

* * *

I wonder what this is Billy thought while looking at the weird device. It looked almost like a detector of some kind, but he wasn't sure. It continued to blink for one minute then it almost seemed to shut off." That's weird, "Billy thought aloud as he took the device from the zord.

"Billy, what did you find?" Alpha asked pointing to the device.

"I'm not sure Alpha, it looks like some kind of detector. "Billy looked much closer at the device. He knew it meant something, but he wasn't sure what," Maybe it's a..." Billy's voice faded. It was a detecting device, he found it on Tommy's zord, and Tommy had said that he had been having trouble with the zord for around two weeks! It all made sense! The codes started around two weeks ago just when the trouble with the zord started." That's it!" He yelled.

"Ayi-yi-ai, Billy, what is it? What's wrong?" Alpha asked in a concerned voice. He might be a robot, but he was able to feel and worry like everyone else.

"Don't worry Alpha, there's nothing wrong. I think I just found out how someone got a lock on us."

* * *

Leeza climbed up the big hill and looked up, wow she thought to herself. She could see a semi-round building on the next hill. It looked at least fifty feet tall and very wide. She knew this had to be the place where the Rangers worked! She just knew it! Part of her was scared at what she was doing. She knew the Rangers were nice people, but what if they saw her as an enemy? Then she'd really be in big trouble. Maybe Nikki was right maybe she should go back and forget all about the Rangers .She shook her head," No. Nikki might have decided to go back, but I'm not. It can't be that bad." Leeza tried to assure herself. When Nikki was coming she felt confident, but by herself she didn't know if she could do it. "I can do this and I will do this." Leeza said to herself as she picked up her backpack and headed towards to enormous building in font of her.

* * *

"Billy we got here as soon as we could. "Tommy said walking over to Billy while the others teleported in," What's the problem?"

"I found out how someone got a lock on us," Billy answered.

"How?" Adam asked.

"When Tommy was using his red battle zord, I would say two weeks ago someone threw this on it," Billy began to explain and picked up the tracking device.

"It's some sort of tracking device. A good one for a fact."

"So that's why I've been having so much trouble with the zord?!" Tommy thought aloud.

"Exactly, "Billy answered," It seems that every time it's used it blinks."

"Why does it blink? "Kat asked.

"Well, this tracking device sends out signals to the source were it's being used. And it blinks to answer were it is, just like sonar So whoever planted this knows were the Power Chamber is. But, in the same way the person found the Power Chamber I found them." Billy finished.

"That's great Billy! Now I'll we have to do is find this person and have a talk with them." Tommy said hoping all they would have to do was talk.

Billy walked over to the controls and pressed a few buttons, "Actually, Tommy it looks like they're coming to us."

"What do you mean by that Billy? "Rocky asked with a shaky voice.

"This reading says that the person were looking for is not even a mile away from the Power Chamber. They should be here within fifteen minutes. "Billy answered biting his lip.

"Zordon do you think we should morph?" Tommy asked unsure of what to do.

"No Rangers. We must see what this person wants first, then we shall see." Zordon their leader responded.

"So basically all we can do is wait for them too arrive," Tommy told everyone hoping that they weren't about to make a new enemy.

* * *

Leeza walked up the narrow pathway. The thing she was walking up couldn't be called a hill and it couldn't be called a mountain. It was a combination of both. Finally she reached the top of it. The building in front of her was twice as large as she had thought it looked. On the side of the building their was a small entrance.

Leeza took a deep breath closed her eyes and headed for it." I can do this. I know I can," she whispered to herself hoping to God that her cousin had been wrong. Slowly she took a few steps forward and headed for what she thought was going to be the biggest adventure of her life.

As she stepped into the building she saw a few pathways. One was in front the other was to the right, and the third was to the left. She went left because that's were the computer had said her device was.

She slowly turned the corner and found herself looking up at a huge red machine, almost shaped like a robot. Then it dawned on her; this must be a zord. The red Rangers probably. It was so amazing. _I wonder where they could have gotten machinery like this, _ Leeza thought to herself. She had never seen anything like this before in her whole life." If this is what one zord looks like what does there other machinery looks like," Leeza thought aloud. "I wonder where my detector is?" She said while searching the zord.

She couldn't find it. So she pulled out her travel computer and searched for the detector. It said that it was in another direction, a different direction then an hour ago. Suddenly a cold chill ran down her spine. They knew she was there, and worse than that they could find out were she lived they could track her down! Nikki had been right after all! She should have just minded her own business and forgotten all about the Rangers. Well, there was nothing she could do about it now, but just try and get out of there without anyone finding her. She just hoped she could do it.

* * *

"Look!" Tanya said pointing to the detector. It was blinking again. Billy walked over to the control panel to see where the intruder was at; "The signal's a lot stronger than before."

"What does that mean? "Rocky asked with a confused look.

Billy took a deep breath," It basically means that the intruder is somewhere in the Power Chamber."

"Do you know exactly where the intruder is?" Tommy asked prepared for whatever was about to happen.

Billy pressed a few buttons; "She's leaving one of the zord rooms."

"Hold it, did you just say a "she", or was it my imagination?" Adam asked very surprised.

"That's what the censors are indicating female maybe seventeen, "Billy told them while pressing a few buttons.

"That's odd," Tommy thought aloud.

"And what may I ask do you mean by that?" Katherine asked crossing her arms, glaring at him.

Tommy looked surprised," Kat, I didn't mean anything by that. I just didn't think it was going to be a girl intruder that's all."

Kat nodded with a sigh," To tell you the truth it surprised me to."

"We better go searching for her," Rocky added interrupting everyone's thoughts.

Tommy nodded," Right Rocky, we'll spilt up. Kat, Tanya you girls go to the right part of the chamber. Rocky, Adam, and me will go to the left side, and Billy you go wait by the entrance just in case we can't catch her."

"I highly doubt that we'll have any trouble," Rocky said so assure of himself.

* * *

Leeza walked by the door just in time to hear their plan. She wouldn't have enough time to get to the door so she went back threw the zord room. Just than the Rangers entered Adam was the first to notice her, "Look! Up there!" He shouted pointing to her. Leeza dropped her backpack and ran as fast as she could.

"Come on!" Tommy yelled back to Adam and Rocky who were running behind him.

One thing Leeza's mother had said time and time again is that she could run like the wind. She just hoped she could run like the wind in a tornado for the situation she was in. Suddenly she saw a small crevice she could hind in at least until the Rangers left.

"Do you see her anywhere?" Tommy asked the others while keeping an eye out just in case she ran by them.

"No...I... don't." Adam said a bit out of breath," Maybe we should split up and search in different areas."

"Good idea Adam with three of us there's no way she can escape. I'll go down this way," Tommy said pointing to another part of the Zeo zord holding bay, "Adam you go up there see if she took the stairs back to the entrance. Rocky, you stay here just in case she's hiding somewhere."

"Okay Tommy, good luck guys." Rocky said figuring that one of them could easily handle a sixteen-year-old girl.

* * *

_Oh great! This is just what I need right now! _ Leeza thought to herself, wanting to scream. Two Rangers had gone into another direction, but she was stuck with this one, and what kind of a name was Rocky anyway? She sighed, her cousin was right. She should have just forgotten about the Rangers and gone on with her life. But, did she listen to Nikki, who's lived in Angel Grove since she was five and who knew everything about the Rangers, did she listen? No! She had to be stubborn and find things out for herself. She was paying for it this time. Her mother always said that her adventure and stubborn side was going to get her in big trouble one these days. The day was finally here. I swear that if I ever get out of here I will never go on another adventure again!

* * *

Rocky looked around the Zeo zord holding bay one more time. He couldn't see or hear anyone he just had a feeling she was in there. Suddenly it hit him like a cog knocking him to the ground! If this girl was smart enough to build a device to trace the Power Rangers and find them, she wouldn't be stupid enough to come out or make a sound with someone around! Rocky turned and walked away then he sneaked under a few boards, and waited.

"How stupid does this guy thing I am!" Leeza whispered to herself," My mom use to pull that trick on me all the time when I was a little kid. Any good detective knows that!" Fifteen minutes went by. Leeza began to realize that maybe Rocky had left. She wasn't sure though. She glanced down at her watch." Four o'clock. "It was getting a bit late. It was going to take a while to get back home. She finally decided to come out from the crevice and leave.

Rocky's head was pointed in the opposite direction thinking the exact same thing Leeza had been thinking. Suddenly Rocky thought he heard something he turned his head. There she was. A little tall, but not to tall, dirty blonde hair, and from what he could see a bit slender. Not as slender as Kat for instance, but very attractive. There was something about this girl, he had seen her before, he knew he had. Then he remembered! At the Youth Center they had just added an ice-rink to the building. This girl was one of the figure skaters. Good one at that. Right now a good figure skater or not she had gone to far now it was time to make his move.

Leeza started walking to the exit just when Rocky popped up," And where are you going?" Rocky asked toughness in his voice.

Leeza spun around as fast as a whirlwind and looked into Rocky's eyes. She was scared, very scared. But there was no way she was about to admit that to anyone." You seem smart. Where do you think?" Leeza responded, as cold as ice.

Rocky gave a small smirk. This girl had spunk, he had to give her that much." I think you better stop playing with computers," Rocky said as he moved toward her. There was no way Leeza's flight instincts were going to wait any longer.

She was in danger, at least she felt like she was in danger. She turned and ran like the wind. Rocky quickly ran after her.

She turned the corner and Rocky's smirk can back on his face. He remembered this was a dead end. There was no way out for her now. Leeza was going so fast that she practically ran into the wall. Quickly she looked for an exit of some kind. She didn't think that the Rangers were bad or going to hurt her. But because she intruded on their working place, she thought they might do something to her. Suddenly she realized that there was no way out for her now, as if on cue Rocky came around the corner. Leeza immediately got into a fighting stance. She knew she didn't stand a chance against him. She knew that he was not only a Power Ranger, but he was also a black belt! She had seen him at the Youth Center also.

"Oh, come on!" Rocky said with a cocky tone," I could take you out even if I wasn't a Ranger!"

Leeza knew he was right, but she wasn't about to let him know that. Giving him the satisfaction that she was scared to death was the last thing she wanted. He had an attitude that Leeza didn't like, he seemed so confident about being able to catch her. Well if she had to get caught she just hoped it was someone else who did it.

Rocky moved closer to her. Leeza felt more threatened then ever before, she just hoped to God that this guy would back off. He moved closer, "Back off!" She yelled at him. He refused moving even closer to her. Then he was not even a foot away, she knew she had to do something. Suddenly she was no longer in control of her actions her fight instinct took over her. She kicked Rocky in his chest turned poked her elbow in his side, he grabbed the back of her neck she twisted her head until she was free then she ran.

* * *

She was so fast that it took Tommy a couple seconds to realize who had just ran by him. Adam ran down from the upper staircase, "What... was... that?" He asked completely out of breath.

"I have no idea! Let's go check on Rocky, "Tommy suggested.

The two of them were just about to go in Rocky's direction when he came around the corner. "Rocky do you know what that was?" Adam questioned.

"It was that girl, the intruder! I've seen her before at the Youth Center, "Rocky began to explain everything he had found out, "I'll I really know is she has a good side kick."

"Well we better get headed in the direction she went in." Tommy suggested pointing toward the exit. "Let's just hope we didn't lose her." He said keeping his fingers crossed.

* * *

Leeza just kept running as fast as she could. Then suddenly she stopped. She heard some voices. They were girl's voices. Then she remembered two other Rangers went into another direction, but wasn't there a third person? She had to run again and she knew it, so she took a few deep breaths and started her trip home again.

* * *

"Kat! Tanya! Come here, "Tommy yelled to the two of them.

"Tommy what is it? What's wrong?" Katherine asked in an almost scared voice.

"Has anyone ran by here at all?" Rocky asked hoping they could track her down.

"No, we haven't seen anybody. Why? What's the problem?" Tanya asked a bit confused. Immediately Rocky explained what had happened earlier. "She sounds scared." Tanya told them.

"Why do you think that Tanya? I mean she certainly didn't look scared." Rocky said trying to understand.

"She sounds like she didn't except this to happen, I think she just wants to go home and forget all about this." Katherine explained.

"It really doesn't matter if she's scared or not all that matter's is..."Tommy stopped in mid sentence and turned.

"You okay Tommy?" Adam asked looking a bit concerned.

"Yeah, I thought I heard something." He answered looking around.

"Look!" Tanya yelled pointing to the teen running across the hall.

Leeza stopped for one second and turned, realizing she had been caught again! She started running again her legs were getting sore, but she had no choice.

"Wait!" Tommy yelled after her, he knew she was scared," Come on let's see if we can catch her." Tommy signaled to the others.

Leeza ran around a corner and hid. She just hoped somehow they wouldn't come this way." That's so silly! They saw you run in this direction of coarse they're coming this way!" She thought to herself. She just wished she had considered of this happening before she came.

"I think we should spilt up," Tommy decided.

"We already tried that Tommy and it didn't work," Adam reminded him.

"I know, but she's headed for a dead end. If we surround her she can't escape," Tommy thought for a second. There was a way she could get away," The only way she could escape would be to jump off the wall."

Katherine gasped," I hope she isn't that desperate to escape, that wall is fifteen feet high." She said concern in her voice. They finished their plan and then spilt up.

"Let's go this way," Tanya pointed pretending to play dumb.

Leeza ran down the hallway and found herself in front of a wall again!" This is not my day!" She said to herself. Then she heard footsteps. She jumped and went into a fighting stance, again. Then four people came into view two she knew, the other two she didn't have any idea of who they were. They were Rangers- that was obvious- but weren't there five Rangers? They all came closer to her.

Her face began to show some fear. Tommy saw that fear," We don't want to hurt you," He said very softly," We just would like to talk to you. Find out how you got here that's all. What's your name?"

Leeza looked hesitantly not sure what to do. Should she trust them or should she run," How do I know I can trust you?" There was no way she was going to give her name to them not yet anyway. Suddenly Adam's eyes moved a little, Leeza took that as a sign. She turned, and there was Rocky standing right behind her.

_Didn't this guy ever quit? _ She thought. She knew she was trapped, she turned her head. There were a few stairs that lead to the top of the wall. She ran over to them, within five seconds she was at the top of the wall. It was a bit thin, but it was just like a balance beam." This should be easy, "She whispered to herself.

"No please!" Katherine yelled, she didn't like the idea of someone spying on the Rangers, but she didn't want her to get hurt.

"Please come down!" Tommy yelled up to the fearful teen, "There's no way you could jump from up there if you fall you'll really hurt yourself!"

Adam looked up to her; he glanced at the stairs, and ran up them after her.

"Adam no!" Tanya yelled wanting to run up after him. Leeza looked behind her and saw a dark hared seventeen-year-old wearing a green T-shirt headed toward her. She stepped closer to the edge. The ground was really far away. If she did jump off it she could definitely escape, she'd probably break every bone in her body, but she could escape.

"There's no way you can make that." Adam warned her, "You'll really hurt your yourself "He finished stepping closer.

Tommy looked up," The only way you could make that would be if you're an excellent jumper."

Leeza considered this for a second, she was a great figure skater, and she did have to jump high. Not fifteen feet though. She had jumped high in gymnastics before. Adam came closer. He was two feet away; she went closer to the edge.

"Don't jump! There's no way you could land that. "Rocky yelled concerned.

Adam stepped closer. Leeza closed her eyes and thought on what she had to do. She visualized it in her head now all she had to do was do it. She opened her eyes and looked down at the ground she brought her arms back and jumped.

"No wait!" Adam yelled just as she took off, trying to grab her.

It was only a matter of five seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. Everyone's face was filled with worry. Then Leeza landed solid on the ground; her knees were deeply bent. Time seemed to stop for a few seconds as she just stood in that position.

Everyone was in shock. When the shock passed Leeza grabbed the book that fell out of her pocket then she ran towards the door.

Adam was in complete shock." Did what I think just happen, happen?" He asked not sure of what he was saying.

"Yeah, it did," Tommy was the one to answer his question.

"Great she escaped!" Rocky huffed, "I don't believe we couldn't catch her!"

"There's still Billy," Adam told them while coming down the steps.

"That's true," Kat agreed nodding her head.

"Oh come on!" Rocky said rolling his eyes in disbelief," If we couldn't catch her I doubt Billy will have any luck."

"Well, there's nothing we can do about it now," Tommy told them trying to forget what just happened." Let's just go back and tell Zordon."

The all shook their heads and headed back.

* * *

Billy was still standing by the door. He glanced down at his watch; it had been a half-hour since he had come out there. "They probably forgot I'm even here!" He whispered to himself. He looked around, at the bottom of the hill were some trees and birds were flying everywhere. The bright blue sky was a beautiful picture with the pure white clouds against it. He smiled to himself. It was great to be back.

Things hadn't been going that great on Aquitar and He had been thinking about leaving for the past month. Then this morning he had gotten a call to come and check the codes out. He was taking that as a definite sign to stay on earth, at least until this intruder thing was over. He felt as if he was supposed to be there at the moment.

Suddenly there was a noise of someone running Billy had a feeling that this was the intruder. And it was. Leeza ran out the door thinking she was home free and the next thing she knew was that a guy had her. "Let me go! "She yelled. He refused.

"Calm down! It's okay," Billy said very softly. Anyone who had feelings could see this girl was scared to death. "I promise I won't hurt you."

"Like I should believe you! You're a Ranger just like the rest of them! "Leeza yelled desperately trying to break free of his grip.

Billy gently put her up against the wall; "You should believe me then. Because I'm not a Ranger." His voice was filled with kindness. "My name's Billy. What's yours?" His grip lightened.

Leeza was scared, but his eyes. They showed kindness and sincerity. Somehow she felt she could trust him. Not knowing why she said, "Leeza."

He smiled and completely let go of her taking a step back, "Lisa?"

"Leeza. "She corrected, "L-e-e-z-a." She spelled out. He seemed kinda cute now that she had a closer look.

"Well Leeza, it's a pleasure to meet you, "He said putting his hand out for a handshake.

She took it. "It's nice to meet you too, Billy." Although she still didn't trust the other Rangers, but she trusted him.

"Do you mind if I bring you inside and introduce you to my friends?" He asked making sure not to frighten her. She seemed like a nice girl, and obviously she was smart.

"As long as you come along and convince them I'm not bad." Leeza agreed no longer afraid.

"They don't think your bad, Leeza," Billy said with a convincing voice," They just wanted to know how you were able to find us. Honestly I would to."

"Oh, I'll be happy to tell them and you," She said beginning to trust the others.

"Great! You can tell me on our way back into the Power Chamber, then you and I can tell everybody else." He said taking her hand and leading her back into the biggest adventure of he life.

* * *

Ten minutes passed each Ranger stood there in total silence. Each one of them looking down in the dumps. " Man! I don't believe she got away!" Rocky was the first to break the silence, by showing his frustration.

"Rocky, forget about it! It's over and done with there's nothing we can do about it now." Adam said still wondering what had happened.

"Yeah, your right to bad Billy didn't have better luck," Rocky said still so sure that Billy wouldn't have any luck either.

"Speaking of Billy, "Tanya said changing the subject, "Were is he anyway?"

"Good question Tanya, wasn't he supposed to go and wait by the entrance?" Kat asked.

"Yeah, he was...And we never told him to come back in!" Tommy said slapping his forehead, how could he have forgotten.

"Way, to go Tommy!" Adam said sarcastically." You leave Billy outside all this time!" Tommy rolled his eyes.

Just then Billy entered. Katherine was the first to say something, "Billy were have you been! We were beginning to get a little worried."

"I was waiting outside like you told me to, "He said with a small smirk.

"I'm sorry man, I forgot you were out there," Tommy said turning red with embarrassment.

"Forget about it Tommy, it's no big deal. "He paused he wasn't sure as how to introduce Leeza," Um, I have someone I'd like you to meet, Leeza. "He pointed to her. She was standing by the door," It's okay. "He walked over to her, took her hand and brought her into view.

Leeza put her hand out," Hi, I'm Leeza," She was nervous, but she felt safe.

Kat was the first to make herself know, "My name is Katherine, but you can call me Kat." She shook her hand then realizing that no one else was about to do anything she introduced them.

Tommy was the first person to ask anything," How did you find us?"

Leeza took a deep breath, "Would you mind if I started at the beginning of all this?" They all nodded in agreement. She began with when she moved to Angel Grove and finished with Billy finding her.

"That's a pretty neat story," Adam commented when she was done.

"Leeza, "Tommy started not sure how to ask this," How would you like to help us out?"

"Well, it depends what you mean by that?" She asked.

"We need someone to help us out with computer problems, and since Billy will be leaving soon I was wondering maybe you could help us out." He answered.

"I'd be happy to help, but what do you mean by Billy leaving?" Leeza asked, she had known Billy for maybe twenty minutes, but she trusted him. And he seemed like a really nice guy.

Billy put his head down, "That's a long story Leeza, but since I'm not going back to Aquitar you don't have to worry about it."

"You're not going back? What about Cestria?" Katherine asked looking a bit surprised.

"No I'm not going back. And as for Cestria..."He paused, "Well that's a really long story, I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. I'm going to stay here for a little while," He said happily.

"That's great Billy... but there's still one small problem, "Rocky began.

"What's that Rocky, "Tanya asked looking puzzled.

"Leeza what are you going to tell your cousin about what happened?" Rocky asked her.

"I didn't think about that!" Leeza said trying to think of what she could do," I think I'll tell her my detector was wrong and it led me to a forest or something like that. She'll probably make fun of me for the next month, but I know the truth and that's all that matte's! "In a way it was good all this happened because she had feeling that she just made a lot of new friends. Who cares what her cousin thinks anyway! She really found the Power Rangers, and along with that real friendship.