Rangers of the New Millenium

By: Black_TurboRanger


It's the year 2000 and the forces of evil have come together and taken over the earth. The citizens of earth have gone into hiding. Some however stayed and defended their homes. The Turbo Rangers have either been captured, turned evil or killed. Dimitria must now seek out and find some new people to defend earth...before it's too late.

Part 1

Samantha Tengal had just walked out the door when she was attacked. "Get off of me you creeps!" she yelled at the piranitrons. Samantha kicked two of them and broke away from the other one.

"Leave her alone! She's mine," a deep voice from behind commanded and the piranitrons vanished.

Samantha turned around to see a young man; his hair was slicked back and tied into a ponytail. He wore black and silver boots, a shiny, black leather suit with a metal belt from which hung a weird looking gun and a what appeared to be a small dagger. Black and silver sunglasses were perched a top his head. A lop-sided grin spread across his face, when he saw her.

"Who.... Who... are you?" she stuttered backing away in fear.

The young mans lips curved upward into an evil grin as he advanced towards her.

"S-s- stay away from me," she managed to squeak out, "I'm- I'm warning you,"

"There's no reason to be afraid. The dark side always welcomes new comers," he said in soothing yet evil tone of voice.

"You're... you're one of them. Aren't you?!" she cried out in a panic.

"Oh now, now. You make it sound like a bad thing,"

"Don't come any closer or I'll… I'll...."

"You'll what?" he pinned her against the wall.

"Do this!" Samantha brought her knee up and kneed him with all her strength in the groin. When he fell to the ground she kicked him in the stomach and started to run off. Quickly he clamped onto her leg and pulled.

"Not so fast. You're not going anywhere," his voice taunted in a menacing tone.

Samantha fell to the ground and tried to crawl away but she couldn't. The mysterious young man dragged her towards him. She clawed desperately at the ground to get a good hold but it was no use. Finally she grabbed onto the corner of the porch and started kicking her leg ferociously. While doing that she pulled on the side of the porch with all her strength.

"Stopping fighting me, you'll never win!"

"Let go! Arghhhh..." She finally managed to kick her leg loose and scrambled to her feet quickly. Samantha ran swiftly away from her attacker or so she thought. Soon she was out of breath and stopped for a moment to rest.

After looking around, she finally concluded that she was in the woods by the river. "You can run, but you can't hide!" she stiffened as she heard the familiar sounding voice. A blast of light hit a tree next to her causing it topple over. Rolling out of the way quickly she ended up rolling down the grassy hill and into the river.

Fortunately for her it was shallow. She stood up and started jumping from rock to rock to the island in the middle. Once she had reached it she looked across to see if he was still following her. She sighed out of relief when she found that he was no longer there.

Samantha turned around and screamed. There he stood, smiling as evil as ever. His six-foot tall, muscular body hovered her petite five foot five body like a giant. "There's no use in running Samantha. You'll have to join us sooner or later. I suggest you do it sooner, while the queen is feeling generous,"

"No! I won't!"

"Then you will die!" he kicked her to the ground and stepped on her throat, blocking the airway, crushing it.

Samantha grabbed his other leg with her legs and took his other in her hand and pushed him over. Struggling to her feet she fled the scene, her pursuer close behind. After running to the bank on the other side she ran into the woods. A log tripped her up and she went crashing to the ground. She got back up but was soon face first on the on the floor of the forest. The smell of dirt and sweat filled her nostrils.

Flipping her over onto her back he looked down upon her. Dirt was smudged all over beautiful face. Her crystal blue eyes that had once sparkled with confidence were now filled with terror. Tommy liked the look of terror. He did very much so. He reached down for his dagger, making sure to keep her pinned to the ground. The expression on his face turned grim and solemn.

"I'm giving you one last chance Samantha. You either join us or..."

"Never! I'll never join the likes of you!"

He brushed away few locks brown curls from her face. "I'm sorry it has to be this way, but you must die," as he raised his dagger up over her heart he really did feel sorry for her, sorry he had to do this. She was so vibrant, so fresh, so beautiful. Tommy didn't want to kill her at all. But he had to. He must! Yes, he must! For his queen. As he plunged his dagger downward towards her chest, Samantha vanished into thin air. Leaving Tommy with his dagger sticking into the ground.

*Millenium Chamber*

"Alpha why has Samantha not yet arrived?" Dimitria asked sounding concerned.

"She should be arriving shortly, Dimitria,"

"I hope we were not too late,"

Just then a flash of silver entered the room, leaving a startled Samantha lying on the floor. She sat up quickly and looked around.

"Huh... wha... where am I?" she asked looking dazed, "am I in heaven?"

"Yo, not quite!"

Looking up she saw a robot standing over her. Stumbling to her feet she looked around. Amazed at all the buttons, different colored lights and technological advances, and the computer system and control panels were out of this world. For a moment she forgot about the pain in her ankle until she took a step forward to get a closer look at the robot.

"Are you not in perfect physical condition?" Dimitria asked.


"Yo, she means are you hurt?" the robot translated.

"I hurt my ankle. I think I sprained it," Samantha said with a pouty look on her face.

"Alpha, use the generator to heal her,"

"You got it, Dimitria," Alpha6 waddled over and picked up a strange looking device. He came back and aimed it at Samantha's ankle.

"This won't hurt a bit," explained Alpha as he hit the button. Almost instantly her ankle was healed.

"Thanks. I'll just be leaving now…" Samantha looked around for a way out, "Where's the door?" "How can you use something that's not there?" Dimitria riddled.

"If there's no door. Then how do you get out of here?"

"You teleport," a voice answered from within the shadows.

"Tele what?"

"Teleport," the voice answered again. A boy who appeared to be in his mid-teens stepped out of the shadows, "So this is one of the new recruits, eh?"

"I beg your pardon?" Samantha stated looking thoroughly confused.

"You haven't told her?"

"Haven't told me what? What's going on around here? Why am I here? Where is here? Who are all of you?"

"Woah. Yo! Slow down, Samantha. First off this is the Millenium Chamber. It's buried deep under ground below a mountain. This is so the evil forces trying to take over earth won't be able to find us,"

"Secondly, that's droid is Alpha 6, but you can call him Alpha, and that person in the tube is Dimitria, she's our mentor,"

"Who are you?"

"Oh. I'm sorry. I'm Logan- Logan Sentato,"

"And lastly... " Dimitria joined in, "You have been chosen to fight these forces of evil as the Silver Millenium Ranger,"

"You're kidding right? This is some kind of joke, isn't it? Me, a Power Ranger? Yeah right. It's like saying that guy who was trying to kill me was good at one time in his life,"

"He was. In fact he was the leader of the Power Rangers for many years, until a year ago,"

"What happened?" Samantha asked becoming intrigued.

"Divatox a space pirate, along with the help of her brother General Havoc captured Tommy's ex-girlfriend, Kimberly, whom he still had strong feelings for and threatened to kill her if he didn't surrender. No ones for sure what happened to Kim. The poor girl. Some say she's roaming the streets with amnesia. Others say she's alive and still being held captive. No one really knows for sure," Dimitria explained.

"So will you join us in the fight against evil?" the blonde haired teenager asked.

"Well I... I umm..." she looked around the chamber for a moment. She felt safe there, and besides she had no place else to go. "Oh, alright. I'll do it,"

"Samantha you have made a wise choice. And now I bestow upon you the power of silver lightning. Arise silver millenium ranger! And claim your destiny!"

A bolt of silver lightning collided into her chest. Metallic armor started covering her from head to toe. When the lightning had dissolved Samantha was no longer Samantha anymore, but the silver millenium ranger. As if almost on impulse she took off her helmet and held by her side.

"Well how do you feel?" Dimitria asked.

"I feel completely energized, ready for anything!"

"That's the spirit," Logan said.

"Now Samantha... your weapon is the lightning staff, and of course the millenium blaster," Dimitria pointed to Samantha's left side of her belt.

"When you want to demorph you yell Millenium Down! When you want to morph you shout out Strike into Millenium!" Alpha 6 explained to her.

"Millenium Down!" she called out. Almost instantly bolts of lightning went through her body and dissolved the suit.

"Oh and you'll be needing one of these..." Logan handed her a watch looking type gadget.

"A watch?"

Logan laughed, "No, no. It's a communicator. You talk into it and you press this button to teleport. It's how we keep in touch where were separated,"

"Sooo...where are the other rangers?"

"They should be back right about..."

"Hey bro! What's up?" a voice said from behind her.

"Yo, Axel!"

"Samantha Tengal, this is Axel Randerton,"

"Hey babe," he replied with a sly grin.

Samantha acted on impulse and hauled off and slugged him. Everyone laughed ever Dimitria.

"Don't call me babe. No one calls me babe,"

"Chill ba- err Sam,"

"I told you you would get a fist in your face one of these days," another guy said, "but of course you didn't listen, noooo,"

"We should have her color changed to black… then we can call her the black attack," mused Logan.

"I hear by renounce my nick name!" Axel called out.

A girl with shoulder length blonde hair walked up to Samantha. She was wearing a purple tank top and a black leather jacket. Her blue jeans were torn a little in the knees. Chewing her gum loudly she looked Samantha over. With a disgusted look on her face she walked away. < What's up with her? > Samantha thought quietly.

"She doesn't like the competition,"

Samantha jumped and turned around, "Oh Logan, its only you. What do you mean competition?"

"She's one of those tough inner city chicks, who feels so insecure about herself that she has territories she claims. Right now, you're in hers,"

"Who are you?"

"I forgot to introduce myself, how rude of me. I'm Josh Baner,"

"Or as we call him, Josh Baner "the Brainer," Logan snickered and ducked Josh's playful swat.

"So who's which color ranger?" Sam asked curiously.

"Josh is blue, Axel black, Miss Attitude over there or Sonya is purple, Lilly, who's not here at the moment, is yellow and I'm red,"

"Who's the leader?"

"I am," Logan said proudly and struck a pose.

Samantha giggled as his foolishness. Logan grinned. Josh rolled his eyes and thought...< oh brother, here we go. > Josh stopped thinking that way after Logan shot him a look.

*The Dark Fortress*

"My queen. I have returned," Tommy greeted as he walked through the chamber doors and on to the bridge.

"Sooo... Tommy, how many people did you kill today?"

"I didn't have to kill too many your highness. They gave in easily to the power of dark-side. Although there was this one girl I had to eliminate. Her will and spirit were too strong to succumb. So I killed her," an evil grin swept across his face.

"Excellent. You have proved to definitely be my most loyal and useful warrior,"

"Thank you my queen. Its been an honor to serve under someone as evil as yourself," he bowed down towards her.

"You may rise," she told him after slapping his butt. A flirtatious smile crept over her lips. Since Dark Spectre had been killed in an "accident" she was now the supreme ruler of all that is evil. She had how ever been looking for a new husband and she had just the evil force in mind… Tommy Oliver.

To be continued...