Shocking Secret

By: Black_TurboRanger

Part 1

"Rocky, look out!" Tanya warned her friend, who was speeding out of control on his rollerblades.

"Huh?" he asked sounding a bit confused, "WHOA!" Rocky yelled out as he went crashing into someone. Thud! Rocky landed on the ground and the person he hit was sent flying backwards, landing ten feet from where the accident had just occurred.

Tanya ran over to Rocky and helped him up. "Thanks. We should probably go see if that person I hit is ok,"

"Yeah. I agree," she said, shaking her head. Rocky and Tanya walked over to the person he had run into was ok.

"Hey, are you ok?" he asked the stranger. The stranger turned around and just nodded.

Rocky gasped when he saw the person. It was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen before.

"Here let me help you up," he offered. The girl backed away from him, like she was afraid of him or something, she then got up and ran away. Her blonde hair bobbing up and down as she ran.

"That was strange," Tanya remarked, scratching her head.

"Yeah, I know," Rocky replied, starting to walk away. Why did she run away like that?

Maybe I scared her in some strange way. He frowned on this thought.


The next day at school Miss AppleBee made an announcentment that a new student was going to be coming into class in a few minutes. "This student doesn't talk or I should say hasn't talked because of, well anyway. It's ok. Ashley you can come in now," Rocky saw the same girl he had run into the day before, walk through the doorway. She smiled timidly and waved hi to everyone.

"Class this is Ashley Cranston. She just moved back here from a boarding school in Europe. I'm sure you'll all treat her like a normal person," Ashley rolled her eyes at that comment and some of the kids snickered. "Ashley will you please take the seat behind Adam," she finally finished, pointing to the guy in the green. Ashley walked over and sat down. Rocky suddenly sat up. Wait a sec. Did she just say Ashley CRANSTON??

In gym class they were doing gymnastics. The teacher treated Ashley like she was stupid or something. "Now Ashley, I don't want you to get hurt. So I want you to stick to doing cartwheels and somersaults," The teacher told her and then walked away.

Ashley sighed and did what the teacher told her to do. "Poor Ashley. Everyone treats her like she's an idiot and doesn't understand anything," Kat commented quietly.

"She looks like she could use a friend," Tanya said.

"Or five," Adam added. Tanya and Kat looked at Adam, "And I know the perfect five teenagers for the job,"


It was the end of the day and Ashley was walking down the hallway when suddenly out of nowhere Rocky ran right into her, spilling her books everywhere.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" Rocky repeated over and over again, while helping her pick up her books. Ashley just smiled shyly and walked quickly away.

A piece paper lay on the floor. Rocky leaned over and picked it up. He unfolded it and then started to read.

Dear Ashley,
When you come back to Angel Grove stay away from Tommy Oliver, Katherine Hillard, Tanya Sloan, Adam Park and Rocky DeSantos. I don't want them to even know I'm related to you. Try to hide the fact that your my sister.

I don't even know why you are, what you are! Neither did dad. Mom didn't either. Remember to stay away from the people I just mentioned. I don't want them to get hurt. YOU FREAK I HATE YOU!!! I HATE YOU!!! I'm never writing to you again after this letter. Goodbye forever!

"Hey Rock. What ya readin?" a voice from behind him asked. Rocky jumped in surprise and whirled around to see Tommy standing there.

"It's something that fell outta one of Ashley's books when I bumped into her," he told his friend. "Here, read it," Rocky said, shoving the letter in his face.

Ashley sat at the juice bar drinking a smoothie and thinking. She opened up her Math book to find the letter Billy had sent her. It wasn't there! Oh no, she thought to herself. It must had fallen out when I ran into Rocky. I mean when Rocky ran into me. Oh well. They were bound to find out sooner or later. She sighed. Ashley decided to go to the park and practice her gymnastics since the Youth Center was so crowded.

"Hey you guys over here!" Tommy called his friends over, "look there she is," he pointed at Ashley, who was flipping through the air. She looked almost like she was flying.


Meanwhile up on the Machine Sky Base. "Father why don't you capture that Ashley girl. She's Billy's sister," Prince Sprocket suggested.

"Of course! That will distract those rainbow heads long enough so I'll be able to put on a full scale attack. Clank! Orbis! Send down a monster to keep the rangers busy and then send a squadron of cogs to capture the girl," King Mondo planned.

"Yes sir. Right away sir," Clank answered and then scurried off.

The teens were about to approach Ashley when a monster attacked them from behind. They were sent crashing to the ground, but they all quickly stood up.

"It's Morphin Time!" Tommy hollard.

"Zeo Ranger One Pink!" Kat screamed.

"Zeo Ranger Two Yellow!" Tanya cried out.

"Zeo Ranger Three Blue!" Rocky called out.

"Zeo Ranger Four Green!" Adam shouted.

"Zeo Ranger Five Red!" Tommy finished. The rangers jumped into action and attacked the monster, fighting with all they got.

Once the rangers were involved with fighting the monster a clan of cogs attacked Ashley knocking her down to the ground. She tried to yell for help but couldn't. Ashley punched and kicked the cogs. It was no use.

Rocky's communicator went off. "Yeah, Zordon I read you!"

"Rocky. Ashley is being attacked by cogs on the other side of the park. She needs your help," Zordon boomed.

"I'll get right on it," he told Zordon, "Guys I gotta go take care of a little cog problem. Do you think you can handle this guy?" Rocky asked his comrades.

"Yeah, we'll be fine. Go ahead," Tommy answered.

A blue ray of light appeared at the scene of the fight going on between Ashley and the cogs. She looked exhausted from the battle. "Leave her alone you tin cans!" Rocky yelled at the robots. Suddenly Ashley collasped and fell to the ground. One of the cogs flung her over his shoulder and started to run off with her. Rocky tried to stop him, but he was too late. The cogs vanished along with Ashley and the hopes of ever finding out the answers to the questions him and his friends had. Will they ever find the answers to their questions?

Next time on Power Rangers Zeo.... As the rangers search for Ashley their team is forced to split in half when King Mondo launches an attack on Angel Grove. Meanwhile a severe storm is approaching.. can they get to Ashley before she's toast? Find out next time on Power Rangers Zeo!