A Shocking Secret Revealed

By: Black_TurboRanger

Part 2

Back at the command center the rangers tried to locate where the cogs had taken Ashley. "I still can't believe Billy has a sister that he never told us about," Rocky exclaimed.

"We always thought he was an only child because thats what he told us," Tommy recalled.

"That letter is so strange. It's like a completely different side of Billy," Rocky stated.

"Whoa, hold on a minute. What letter?" Tanya asked with a puzzled look on her face. Tommy handed her the letter for her to read. Kat and Adam looked over Tanyas shoulder.

Dear Ashley, When you come back to Angel Grove stay away from Tommy Oliver, Katherine Hillard, Tanya Sloan, Adam Park and Rocky DeSantos. I don't want them to even know I'm related to you. Try to hide the fact that your my sister. I don't even know why you are, what you are! Neither did dad. Mom didn't either. Remember to stay away from the people I just mentioned. I don't want them to get hurt. YOU FREAK I HATE YOU!!! I HATE YOU!!! I'm never writing to you again after this letter. Goodbye forever! Billy

Tanya's jaw dropped as she read the letter. Adam and Kat just stared at it, as if wondering who had written it. "Billy was always trying to hide something from us. Remember when the Gold Ranger first showed up and we all thought it was him," Tanya finally managed to say.

"Rangers, I found her," Alpha 5 cried excitedly, "They are have her tied up at the Angel Grove Power Plant. Aiyiyiyi! She's tied to lightning rod and there's a huge storm coming this way!"

"Well then lets go get her down from there," Rocky suggested, firmly shaking his fists. He didn't want anything to happen to Ashley. If something did he didn't know if he would be able to go on living. The shrieking of the alarm snapped Rocky out of dream land and back into reality.

"Rangers a monster is heading towards the Youth Center. You must stop it," Zordon ordered.

"But we have save Ashley too. The storms getting closer," Rocky whined.

"Rocky's right. We should split up into two teams so that way we can save the Youth Center and Ashley," Tommy agreed, "Adam, Tanya and me will go after the monster while Rocky and Kat get Ashley,"

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The others agree with their leaders plan and spring into action. Will they save Ashley before she's toast? To find out read Part 3.