A Shocking Secret Revealed

By: Black_TurboRanger

Part 3

Tanya, Adam and Tommy arrived just in time to see the monster smash one of the cars in the Youth Centers parking lot.

"Man I hope whoever owns that jeep has insurance," Tommy remarked.

"Uhhhhh Tommy, that was your jeep!" Tanya told him.

"Doh!" he replied while hitting his helmet.

"Guys are we going to fight the monster or what?" Adam asked his friends.

"After what he did to MY jeep, definently!" Tommy said charging at the monster with his sword drawn. The monster seemed to yawn mockingly as he fought the three rangers, tossing them to the ground as if they were rag dolls.

At the power plant Rocky and Kat weren't having very much luck locating the lightning rod that Ashley was strapped to.

"Rocky behind you!" Kat suddenly yelled at him.

"Huh?" Rocky said as he turned around to see three or four cogs behind him.

"You go find Ashley, I'll take care of these guys!" He told Kat as he was fighting off the robots.

"You sure you can handle this on your own,"

"Yes, just go!" Rocky hollard to her while punching a cog to the ground. Kat ran off to find Ashley as Rocky had instructed.


"I don't know how much longer we can fight this monster alone," Tanya told her fellow rangers, getting up from the ground.

"I agree with Tanya. We need Rocky and Kat," Adam insisted.

"Rocky. We need your and Kats help over here, can you come?" Tommy talked into his communicator.

"Kat hasn't found Ashley yet and I'm fighting with some cogs, we've got our hands full over here," Rocky responded.

"Hurry and get them unfull cuz we're dyin' over here," Tommy replied. The sound of cogs been thrown around filled the background noise.

"Alright, I'll get Kat and we'll be right over," Rocky said.

A minutes passed and just as the monster was about crush Tanya, Kat kicked the creature and sent him flying backwards onto the ground. She helped her friend up off the ground. "Thanks. For a minute there I thought I was a goner,"

"No problem,"

Tanya and Kat ran back into the fight full force and knocked the monster down.

"Not so fast rangers!" the monster yelled at them, "try this out for size," he thrust his hand out and a lazer shot out of it. The rangers fell to the ground with a thud, but quickly recovered.

"Pink Power Cloud!" Kat shouted, while a pink cloud of energy shout out of her palms barely bruising the monster. The others gasped at how uneffected the creature had been.


Ashley struggled to break free, but it was no use. The thunder storm is quickly approaching Angel Grove she thought to herself. I have to break free or I'm toast!

"Stop squirming around your just wasting your energy!" King Mondo commanded.

Ashley just glared at him. Where are the Zeo Rangers when you need them. She sighed at that thought and continued to try and break away. Ashley stopped suddenly as if she was listening for something.

"Your magesty the monster you sent down to destroy the rangers has fallen," Clank told his king.

"Well don't just stand there! Go make it grow!" exclaimed King Mondo.

Clank and Orbis scurried off to the monster side. "Around and around and away ya go," his irish accent showed clearly.

"Time for a little boost," Orbis said in small yet annoying voice.

The monster grew too a tremondous size and began knocking over buildings.

"Guys, you go ahead and save Ashley. I'll take of things here," Tommy orderd.

"RIGHT!" the others agreed in unison and teleported to the power plant.

"Red Battlezord power now!" Tommy called to the sky. When his zord came spinning into sight he teleported on board.

The thunder roared in Ashleys ears as the rain came pouring down. King Mondo left so he wouldn't rust. She was now officially all alone, or was she.

"Ashley!" Rocky tried to yell over the thunder.

"Rocky, that won't work. She doesn't talk remember," Adam reminded him.

"Well it wouldn't have worked anyway since the thunder is so loud," Rocky commented and then sighed.

"Guys, remember what Alpha said. She's tied onto the lightning rod at the top of the building. Come on this way!" Kat motioned her friends to follow her.

"Kat couldn't we just teleport up there? I'm getting tired," Tanya whined.

"Oh yeah," Kat nodded.

The four rangers teleported onto the roof of the power plant and ran towards the rod. They looked up about five feet until they spotted Ashley, who was attempting to break free.

"I'll get her," Rocky told his friends as he started climbing up. He was almost there when a big flash of lightning came close to hitting the rod.

I wonder who the blue zeo ranger could be. She tried to remember. Oh yeah, Rocky. Now I remember. I won't tell them I know who they are, yet.

Rocky started untying Ashley when he finally reached her. "Don't worry you'll be safe once I get you down from here," he reassured her. When he had got done untying her, they both climbed down. A loud bang of thunder startled Ashley and she slipped. Ashley regained her balance and continued to climb down.

When she reached the roof the rangers asked her if she was ok. She just nodded. Tommy had come back from killing the monster by that time. They teleported her back to into the hallway in the Youth Center and left her there.

Ashley walked in and sat down at the Juice Bar. "Ashley, what happened to you," Ernie asked sounding concerned. She pointed outside. Ernie gave her questioning look. Ashley rolled her eyes. The rain you idiot, its so obvious! She thought.

"Oh, you were outside. Well that explains it." Ernie finally caught on. Ashley let out a sigh of frustration. Ernie gave her a towel and some hot chocolate to warm her up. She smiled and nodded in thanks.

Rocky, Tanya, Adam, Kat and Tommy came through the door and started to head over towards Ashley. Ashley knew they were coming before she turned around and saw them. Uh oh. Here goes nothin, she sighed.

"Hi Ashley," Rocky said, "remember me the one that........" she nodded before he could even finish.

"By any chance are you related to Billy Cranston?" Tanya blurted out.

Ashley handed them a piece of paper and started walking away. Rocky ran after her, while the others read the note.

Rocky, Tanya, Adam, Tommy and Kat, Yes, I am Billy's sister. I was a hard birth when I was born, so my mother died while having me. That's one reason Billy hates me. My dad hates me too. They both blame me for something that I couldn't help prevent. Stupid huh? The second thing I'd prefer not to say at the moment for I'm still in denial about it. If Billy had been more supportive I wouldn't be, but unfortunately I am. Please don't be mad at Billy, he just cares about you guys and wants to protect from someone like me. As for the talking thing well... I used to but something happened and I stopped. I'll understand if you don't want to be friends, although I can sense you guys aren't like that. Sincerely, Ashley Cranston

The others ran after Ashley and Rocky. "Ashley wait up!" Rocky called after her.

She stopped and turned around. It was still raining out so it was slippery. As Rocky ran up to her, he slipped and Ashley grabbed his arm so he wouldn't fall.

Tanya, Adam, Kat and Tommy came running out after them. Tommy gave the note to Rocky and he began reading it. As the raindrops fell onto the paper the ink ran, but he could still make out the words.

"Ashley, we still wanna be your friends," Kat explained.

"And we won't be mad at Billy if you don't want us to be," Tanya added.

Ashley smiled weakly. I knew you guys wouldn't let me down. Rocky, Adam, Tanya, Kat and Tommy heard a voice in there head say I knew you guys wouldn't let me down.

"Your going to catch a cold," Rocky put his flannel shirt over her shoulders and the five friends all walked back inside.

Will Ashley ever speak again? How long will the friendship last? Will Rocky ever be able to tell Ashley how he feels about her and does she feel the same way? What are Ashley's dark secret anyway? Find out in Deadly Secrets.